Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence

A package of sunshine came in the mail for me last week.  Sherry Hart, of Design Indulgence, had a giveaway which I won.  I never win a thing, and I was thrilled!  Sherry chose some happy yellowness to include in her giveaway.  I'll have fun incorporating these cheerful, gorgeous items in my house.

The two photos above are from Sherry's One Room Challenge.  I was a fan of her blog before that, but enjoyed getting to know her better during the challenge.  I love Sherry's posts.  They're full of her personality.  She's hilarious, irreverent, and makes me laugh out loud even while I'm looking at gorgeous images.  

The rest of these beautiful photos are from Sherry's portfolio.  Isn't she talented?  Thank you so much Sherry for the package of lovelies.  I'm also very appreciative of the fun and the eye candy you provide on Design Indulgence!

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