A bit of Christmas at my House

Cyclamen is one of my all time favorite flowers.  I love putting red ones in our planters at the front door during this season.  I'm running behind this year on all things holiday related, but I did do this little bit yesterday.  These candleholders were an item I ordered from my blue and white porcelain source as I was considering offering them in my store.  When they arrived, I wasn't enthralled.  I think I must have been very tired and lacking imagination because I came upon them at home recently, and realized that if I put some greenery/holly/berries they'd look great.  Here's my attempt.  I put them with my cyclamen on the breakfast table to see what I thought.

Then, I went to the backyard and cut some boxwood.  Here's one on the mantle in our den.

Here are a pair with holly and berries on the same mantel.  What do you think?  I really like them very much.  Combining blue and white with Christmas decor has always been a favorite of mine.  I also think that these could be pretty with any greenery and lots of different flowers.  I wish I had offered them in my store.  I asked my source about stock and there are only three pairs left.  If you're interested in a pair email me.  When there's more stock available I'll definitely add them.  I'll want at least one more pair for myself!  I'll share more of what I do for Christmas around the house soon.

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