Christmas Randomness

I have random holiday things to share today.  First off, I'm sharing some photos from a recent trip to one of my favorite Dallas shops, Nicholson Hardie.  It's my go to source for indoor plants, but it has lots of beautiful retail, too.  And, every year they have so much to choose from if you're in the market for Christmas decor.

I take planters in to have them plant things for me, and the above is my reason for this particular trip.

If you can believe it, I could have taken so many more photos of all of the Christmas they have.

This is my newest purchase for my daughter.  She's been asking and asking for a tacky Christmas sweater.  It's all the rage apparently.  I looked on My Ugly Christmas Sweater and found what I thought she'd love.  Knowing her, I thought she'd want the most obnoxious one I could find.  I spent lots of time and found one with many large ornaments in jewel tones made from sequins and bugle beads.  It was vetoed for the above which I thought was so lame in comparison.  Oh well.  It is very awful, but I could have done much better.  Or worse, depending on your perspective.  Have you heard about this interesting trend?

I shared this candle/gift DIY last year.  It was really fun for us, and I loved that my daughter made the gifts for her teachers herself.  If you're interested, see it here.

We're lucky enough to live just a couple of minutes from my sister and her family.  That's so wonderful for all of us, and I'm thrilled my daughter is so close to her cousins.  My niece is hilarious and she thinks big.  She's ten years old, and she typed her Christmas Wish List for her parents a few days ago.  It's too fun not to share.  Which item on her list do you find the most humorous?  I can't decide!

1. Trampoline
2. anything from
3. One Direction merchandise
4. iPhone5
5. a gift from "Santa" for sentimental value
6. Money
7. VISA gift card
8. Trip to ToysRUs, with a $300 value limit
9. All of the above/below
10. A bigger fish tank with more fish in it
11. A "big deal" party with lots of people, live music and a chocolate fountain, etc., for my birthday
12. Kung Fu lessons

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