Parisian Pink with Sanity Fair


I've got Skyla, from Sanity Fair, here for the last day of my 31 Days of Pink Series.  Skyla's incredible apartment was just featured in The Washington Post.  You can read all about her and see photos here.

I just had to blush a bright pink when The Pink Pagoda asked me to do this post! How could I say no? When Jennifer began this series, I immediately recalled Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in Funny Face, that giddy, bubbly, and very pink classic film from 1957. Funny Face is mostly set in Paris, and features the best song ever written about a color:  Think Pink!

"Red is dead, blue is through/ Green's obscene, brown's taboo/ And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce - or chartreuse."
"Everything on the great horizon/ Everything that you can think / And that includes the kitchen sink/ Think Pink!"

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, "thinking pink."The wardrobe for Ms. Hepburn was designed exclusively for the film by Hubert de Givenchy.

Funny Face is filmed in some of Paris' most beautiful locations, so for pink interiors, where better to look than the city famous for Le Vie en Rose? From the walls of Monet's Giverny just outside of the city, to the bubbly French Veuve Clicquot rose champagne served at the Ritz Hotel, "Parisian Pink" is the most elegant hue of all.

Take the iconic pink office of legendary muse and model Ines de La Fressange. A French aristocrat and once-muse to Karl Lagerfeld, La Fressange's Paris office is an eclectic mix of decor and fashion with a very lived-in feel. I especially love the blend of classic black and white portraits with Roger Vivier flats styled as rare collectibles in lucite boxes.

The feeling is global:  An African tribal mask, ostrich egg, and brass objets d'art fill a gleaming etagere.

Even the floor and doorframe are pink - if you saw this door ajar from down the hall, wouldn't you feel compelled to enter? Her liberal use of black as an accent color is very visible here; it keeps the look adult. Black and white artwork, black interiors to the bookcase and fireplace, and black accents in the lampshade and rug keep this cotton candy confection from floating away.

Care for a little Parisian Pink in your home office? Get the look!
Clockwise:  1/ Phalaenopsis potted pink orchid/ 2/ Brass hand, 1st Dibs/ 3/ Pink file folders/ 4/ Brass etagere, Etsy/ 5/ Benjamin Moore paint, "Deep Carnation"/ 6/ Retro quote accessories/ 7/ Acrylic display cubes/ 8/ Laquer trays
/Images /Audrey Hepburn, via SerendipityPost/ Ines de la Fressange's apartment, via The Selby/ Product images, as attributed above/ 

What a perfect way to wind up my pink series!  Thank you for sharing your fantastic taste with us today, Skyla!  

Visit Sanity Fair here to see more of Skyla's amazing aesthetic.  And be sure to read aout her in the Post's feature.  She's quite an interesting and talented lady.

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween

Two of my favorite blogging ladies sent me these yesterday.
Beth, from Chinoiserie Chic, sent this darling pink unicorn pug from this fun blog post about pink pumpkins.

And Raina, from If the Lampshade Fits, knew I'd love the pink and blue of these adorable Halloween cookies.  See all about how to create them here.


Pink with Ashley Whittaker


Ashley Whittaker

It's Day 30 of my 31 Days of Pink Series.  I'm just sharing this one lovely photo today.  I'm safe in Dallas, far away from the storm.  Still, it's distracting thinking of friends who are affected and hoping they are all okay.  


Pink with Powell Brower Home


I have Bethany here today from Powell Brower Home sharing a room she created for my 31 Days of Pink series.  

Hi Pink Pagodans - Bethany here, from Powell Brower Home.  We're honored Jennifer asked us to participate in her 31 Days of Pink series.  I wanted to cue up some Aerosmith in the background for your listening pleasure, but just like those tricky .gif images, I couldn't figure such things out. 

I wanted to put together a room based on Jennifer's affinity for blue and pink.  In doing so, I got caught up in a totally fabricated story-line of a single lady living in a modern condo in the city.  Her condo is very modern and as such, as pretty stark lines about it.  Incorporating furniture and chinois accents was going to be super fun.  Whenever I start to think about furnishing a room from the ground up, my mind does one of those cartoon screeching to a halt in order to avoid the dreaded perfect shiny and new disease.  You know what I'm talking about... when a home has only store bought things and just looks so static.  

To get a chinoiserie feel, you can't just buy contrived new items.  You have to layer in old world to get the 'collected' look.  So I had a ball picking out things without a male point-of-view in the back of my mind.

A little wallpaper, a little contemporary, a little antique and voila!  Her one room condo now lends itself to a work-space, a dining room, a sitting area and of course, a bedroom.  

Pink and Blue and a little chinois - that's what we were hoping to accomplish.  Thanks to Jennifer and you loyal readers for having us and enjoy the rest of the Pink Days!


Thank you so much for putting this together, Bethany! 

Did you see the bedroom Bethany designed for the One Room Challenge?  It's amazing.  It was submitted for a color contest on Apartment Therapy.  Congratulations, Bethany!


Blue and White Monday with Amanda Nisbet

I'm loving my new Amanda Nisbet design book, Dazzling Design.  Here are some gorgeous rooms from the book where Amanda uses blue and white beautifully.  

I hope your week is off to a good start.  If you're in the Sandy vicinity, be safe!  


Pink Halloween?


Yes, I know I'm not going to have any takers on this, but fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving would be so much prettier without their traditional color palettes.  In my opinion.  And, I know I'm in the minority on my Halloween decor views.  I just don't think spiders, ghosts, witches and the like are appealing.  I like the colors above much better.   This is Day 28 of my 31 Days of Pink series.  To see Days 1-27, go here.  I hope you're enjoying a fantastic weekend!


Pink Upholstery -- Would You?


I would.  And I think I will.  I have all the doors closed to our living room because it just drives me crazy.  Since we've lived in this house (almost five years) I haven't done anything with that room.  It will be expensive, and I've lacked the confidence to tackle a more formal room.  I'm thinking a bit of pink upholstery may be the way to go there.  Maybe just a sofa.

Phoebe Howard

Lynn Morgan Designs

via Bright Bazaar

Harriet Anstruther

New England Home

Anna Spiro

via Pursuit of Style

Suellen Gregory via Splendid Sass
This is the rug I have in the living room.  Do you think pink upholstery would work well?  Would you ever consider pink upholstery?

Go here to see more of my 31 Days of Pink series.

Happy Friday!


Pink for the Table with Calling it Home


My good friend Linda, from Calling it Home, who is unbelievably talented and generous (see how she bailed me out on Paint a Rug Party here) is here today sharing breathtaking florals.

Hello Pink Pagoda readers. I'm Linda from Calling it Home and was thrilled when Jennifer asked me to help contribute to her 31 Days of Pink. I chose pink centerpieces because I love gardening and flowers. Most of the flowers you see here can easily be grown in your own permitting.

Wedding Chicks


Martha Stewart Weddings


Southern Living
Martha Stewart
Thanks having me over, Jennifer. I am enjoying your pink series and was glad to be a part of it. Cheers! Linda
Linda, you are so welcome!  Thank YOU for sharing these beautiful images with us today!  To see more about Linda's talent (crazy DIY and gardening skills) visit her here.

Pink with The Little Black Door


Elizabeth's here today from Little Black Door sharing some amazing pink.  If you don't know Elizabeth, you should get to know her.  She has incredible energy and such a great eye.  She just participated in the Paint a Rug Party and created the most gorgeous navy and white Chinese Chippendale pattern rug.  I'm so happy to have her here today.

I've been so inspired by Jennifer's daily dose of pink, that it got me thinking. I am loving pink in fabrics and on the walls, but what about in furniture?
Anna Spiro
Kiki's List
Anna Spiro
Natty by Design
High Gloss Magazine
Celerie Kemble
Lilly Pulitzer
Yep. I've been inspired. And now I've got my own of piece of pink.
Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for being here today AND for using my print above your fantastic new chest!  

To see more of the great things Elizabeth does, visit her at The Little Black Door.


Pink Chinoiserie


For Day 21 of my 31 Days of Pink, I'm sharing this image from Zoldan Interiors.  I love everything here.  The pink and red toile from Timorous Beasties, the mid-century pink sofa and the silhouette pillow are all amazing together.  


Pink at the Door


It's Day 20 of my 31 Days of Pink.  See Days 1-19 here.  Two of my favorite blogging ladies are thinking about painting their front doors.  See that here and here.  I thought it would be fun to share these.  Now, while I love these photos, I have to admit that I would not paint my front door pink.   Would you?



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