Pink Upholstery -- Would You?

I would.  And I think I will.  I have all the doors closed to our living room because it just drives me crazy.  Since we've lived in this house (almost five years) I haven't done anything with that room.  It will be expensive, and I've lacked the confidence to tackle a more formal room.  I'm thinking a bit of pink upholstery may be the way to go there.  Maybe just a sofa.

Phoebe Howard

Lynn Morgan Designs

via Bright Bazaar

Harriet Anstruther

New England Home

Anna Spiro

via Pursuit of Style

Suellen Gregory via Splendid Sass
This is the rug I have in the living room.  Do you think pink upholstery would work well?  Would you ever consider pink upholstery?

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Happy Friday!

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