Pink Upholstery -- Would You?


I would.  And I think I will.  I have all the doors closed to our living room because it just drives me crazy.  Since we've lived in this house (almost five years) I haven't done anything with that room.  It will be expensive, and I've lacked the confidence to tackle a more formal room.  I'm thinking a bit of pink upholstery may be the way to go there.  Maybe just a sofa.

Phoebe Howard

Lynn Morgan Designs

via Bright Bazaar

Harriet Anstruther

New England Home

Anna Spiro

via Pursuit of Style

Suellen Gregory via Splendid Sass
This is the rug I have in the living room.  Do you think pink upholstery would work well?  Would you ever consider pink upholstery?

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Happy Friday!



Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

That is a wonderful rug and I absolutely would use pink in there. If it were my house I would also balance it with a few masculine pieces, maybe a leather chair and a bit of dark wood.

StagerLinda said...

Love the rug! Yes, a pink sofa would look great. What a great Statement Piece it will be. (My husband might divorce me over a pink sofa--or pink anything for that matter.) Go for it!

My Crafty Home Life said...

Look at your smoooie poooie doggie. What a yummm. I would love to do this, but I could not take the comments my family would have over it. I understand about the "door closed". Great rug.

Kim said...

A Pink Sofa on that Rug would be STUNNING! And you can do it!! It perfectly fits with your home and the design you already have going on!! xo

Nancy said...

I love you, but I couldn't. YOU certainly should, though and it would look great on that rug. Love your sweet pooch. Have a great weekend.
xo Nancy

Preciously Me said...

The hot pink velvet couch is gorgeous!
So I would definitely put one in my living room!
I love pink!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

I have a pink (cranberry if we're talking around my husband) sofa in our formal living room. On Monday it is going out to be re-upholstered but only because the couch and the fabric have been discontinued and I am having a sofa made to match so I can have facing sofas. And I've got a lot of pink going on in my house now that we moved from the house where I intially used it. But, YES...I'd totally do it and it will look great with your rug. Your house looks beautiful from all of the glimpses you have shared!

charmaine said...

Yes! I have a pinkish sofa in the family room and i love it! It would look stunning against your beautiful rug.

Raina Cox said...

Lock your doors tonight because I'm coming to steal that rug of yours.

And I would do a pink sofa in a heartbeat. Correction: a hummingbird's heartbeat.

A Toile Tale said...

Yes. I recovered a chaise lounge in pink and I love it. It's in the guest room for my non-existent grandaughter! There's even a chandelier with pink drops. Fortunately, those stinky little boys will still sleep in there.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Karen Albert said...

Oh yes, in fact the salmon pink in the first imahe in a different sofa would be amazing!

2012 Artists Series


Yes...especially with that gorgeous rug! I love that first picture with the dog and the pink slipcover!

home before dark said...

Yes and Yes. I inherited two wing chairs and a sofa in shades of pink. Have loved them for decades! said...

Mmm. THanks for these photos because I would and I think I will, too. The pink sofa. In pink wool flannel. And yes, it'd look scrumptious on your rug.

Junell said...

YES! That rug is screaming for a pink velvet. Duralee Rose would rock!

Kathleen said...

That rug is beautiful. Yes! to a pink sofa. I'm searching for the perfect bold magenta for an accent chair in my living room.

Brittany said...

Oh you better believe I would, as long as I could afford all the other decor I'd need to go with it. I don't think just sticking a pink couch in the middle of a living room would be a great idea

Brittany |


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