Pink with Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence

You know when you have Sherry, of Design Indulgence, it's going to be fun.  I love the combination of hilarity and eye candy I always get every time I visit her amazing blog.  I asked her to share some pink, and you are in for quite a treat!  She's sharing some of the most gorgeous pink rooms I've seen.

31 Days of Pink is a tall order!  Not to say that I could not find pink rooms that I adore but I wanted to make sure they had not been posted during the challenge.

Now I am sure that Jennifer has seen these images because she is a "pink loving fool"....but just maybe there are a few that might be new to you......nah.....I highly doubt it. are some of my favorites and why.

Designer: Joe Nye
I love this Manuel Canovas [pillows] fabric.  Always have.  I also think the abstract art makes this room and the fact that the pink is nice and bright.

  Designer: Windsor Smith
Who hasn't seen this room.....It was on the cover of HB a few years back.  Normally I would not be attracted to the color of the walls....but dang it works!  And with the yellow......dying.

Photographer: Keith Scott Morton
I could not find the designer of this room.....but I love how the pink has some coral in it.  All the white walls and furniture works and then that painted armoire.....kills me.

Designer: Melanie Turner
I saw this room at the Decorators Showhouse in Atlanta a few years ago.  It was beautiful and those pale pink curtains made it. 

Designer: Jonathan Berger
I think everyone remembers this image in HB.  Those pink chairs were spectacular.  I even had some pink ones in my house for a while but they just did not work.

Designer: Theresa Casey
That headboard.....nough said.

Designer: Janie Molster
I think this room was in Southern Accents.  I remember when I saw it, I almost got out the pale green paint.  It is just such a beautiful feminine space.

Designer: Penelope Bianchi
The color of these walls......a whisper of pink....some would say flesh....but mixed with the toile footstool.....

Designer: Steven Gambrel simple but I love the striation on the walls.

This sample of pinks might have almost every wall color in all of the above images.  And....I can honestly say I want to paint something pink right now!

Thanks Jennifer for getting me on the "pink bandwagon".......hopefully someone will ask me to use this great color in a room......

Sheriky Pinky!

Thank you so much, Sherry, for being here today!  For lots more fun and beauty, visit Sherry here.

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