Blue and White Monday With Florals

Flowers are beautiful in blue and white.  This photo was taken of some pink azalea in my breakfast room.  Sadly, they are no longer with us.  

This is William Eubanks.  Aren't those orchids lovely with the blue and white?

This is from Nell Hill's Blog, and these orange roses and hosta are gorgeous in blue and white.  

Mary McDonald

Ruthie Sommers

Carolyne Roehm

Grant K. Gibson

Mary Douglas Drysdale

Mary McDonald

Anna Spiro -- you know I love the pink and blue.

Mark Hampton 

I could be happy looking at images of blue and white and flowers all day long.  I'm partial to shades of pink and red in blue and white, but yellow, orange, green and blue look beautiful as well.  Do you have a favorite?

And what about a favorite dress from the Golden Globes last night?  My favorite was Anne Hathaway's Chanel.  She looked lovely, and I was happy that she won.  Did you watch?  Thoughts?

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