Blue and White Monday

It's blue and white from the amazing Markham Roberts for you today.  For more of a visual treat  that you'll love, go here, to his site where you can peruse all of his portfolio.  Markham Roberts is considered one of the top designers of his generation and has been published in Town and Country, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Home and Garden, Domino, Elle Decor and The New York Times.

So gorgeous, right?  I love these rooms, and each one uses blue and white in a way that's beautiful.  So did you watch The Academy Awards last night?  Which gowns did you like?  And not like?  The unfortunate pointy seams on Anne Hathaway's dress didn't keep me from thinking it was lovely.  I like simple, elegant and feminine, so hers may have been my favorite.  Some of them looked harsh which I don't care for.  What are your thoughts?

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