Interior Designer Anne Hepfer

If my kitchen were this beautiful I'd want to never leave.  Are you familiar with the work of Anne Hepfer?  She's an incredibly talented interior designer from New York who graduated from Parsons and now lives in Toronto.  You can read all about her impressive career here.  Her work is amazing.  

Go here to see much more of Anne Hepfer's beautiful interiors.  I've included some of my favorites, but there were too many gorgeous images to include them all here.

I love all of these photos, but what I appreciate most is that they don't all have a specific "look."  I think it requires much talent for designers to be successful with different styles.  Is there a designer you can think of where you always can recognize a room designed by him or her?  I'm not sure what I think about that, but since clients can't possibly all have the same design aesthetic, it's interesting to consider.  What are your thoughts?

Happy Friday!

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