One Room Challenge Week One

The amazing blogs listed above are all participating in the One Room Challenge.  Linda, of My Crafty Home Life, created and organized the challenge, and I so much appreciate being included.  The objective is to finish one room in 6 weeks.  If you're new to The Pink Pagoda, thank you very much for visiting today.  I'm happy you're here!  For the challenge, I've chosen my breakfast room, which has been neglected for years.  There are things that were never done, and things that were done that I don't care for anymore.  Apparently, I require a challenge (potential public humiliation) like this to motivate me and to complete something that should have happened long ago.  The photo below is one that I took this past summer during the last One Room Challenge.  Hence the messy table.  Well, actually the messy table is year round.

This room is a long way from feeling/looking "finished." Do you see the sad, bare window?  Something has to happen there.  And notice the bare floor.  I'm considering that, too.  When I had the chairs painted red, I recovered the seats.  I really dislike the fabric I chose.  It would be great somewhere else, but it's not working for me here.  

Another thing I plan to do is change the art on the walls.  I love this series, but I'm wanting to copy a customer with prints/framing that has some fantastic taste.  Since I create and sell prints, it's easy and fun for me to change things up now and then.

This was in the house when we bought it, and I have to say that with the Dallas heat, it's been used.  However, it's time to do something else.  A pretty fixture would do wonders for this room.  The red chairs are going nowhere.  I've got a thing for red chairs.  They add such personality to any room as you can see in the four photos below.

via Chinoiserie Chic

Windsor Smith

via Design Sponge

Anne Hepfer

The six photos below will be providing inspiration for my breakfast room project.  There's at least one thing I love in each room that I'd like to incorporate into my challenge.  

Ashley Whittaker

House Beautiful

Sara Gilbane

Traditional Home

New England Home

Meg Braff

This quote is quite appropriate here.  When I'm finished with this room, it will be a reflection of what makes me feel good with no regard for what's trending.  Our family spends most of our time in the family room and breakfast room, and I want us to be comfortable.  Thank you for coming by today.  I hope you'll be back next week to see the progress.  And don't miss seeing what all of the other bloggers have going on.  Everyone's very busy!

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