Bravado Design Office Space and Randomness

Bravado Design used my prints to help create SUCH a fun fun fun office space. did a post about these offices that you can read here.  Bravado Design is located in San Diego, and they have some seriously incredible office space.  Who wouldn't love working here?  Can you tell they are Lilly fans?  I'm so happy that my TPP prints are part of this amazing place.

I saw this on Pinterest last night and thought it ironic.  I added the line and the correction (past subjuntive).   Which leads me to this.  Do you unfollow Pinterest boards when you're suddenly barraged with pins in which you have no interest?  I do quite frequently (just the specific board, not the person).  I LOVED this post from a few weeks ago on Raina's blog, If the Lampshade Fits.  I had been seeing so many annoying pins and was thrilled to see someone verbalize exactly what I was thinking.  I love how Raina says just what's on her mind, and in such an amusing way.

I pretty much don't know what we'd do at our house without J. Crew.  My daughter and I both love it.  So, it was fun for me to get to see the J. Crew offices on Simply Smitten.  I would have predicted they'd be awesome, and of course, they are.  See the post here

Scott Snyder Inc. via The Glam Pad

Andrea, at The Glam Pad did two posts this week on Scott Snyder, one of my favorite designers.  See one here and the other here.  Both are full of beautiful images.  Can you believe the colors in the photo above?  Just lovely!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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