Make It Happen


Rarely do I just relax on the weekend.  Do you?  This weekend, I'm taking off and just resting.  The ORC is over and I want a break, but part of the time I'll be planning the upcoming week. It's Spring Break for my daughter and she ditched us to go on a trip with another family.  We could be going to London to stay with Kate and William, and she'd still ditch us.  She's at that age where it's vastly preferable to be away from one's parents.

Since she'll be gone for the week, I want to make things happen around here.  I've got quite the "to do" list both for home and business, and I would be thrilled to really move it along while I have this time.  I saw this post on Whitney English and will keep referring to it for inspiration.  

I finally got around to adding some new items to my store last week.  This dragon planter is one of them, and I'm crazy about it. Here it is on my breakfast table.

I hope whether you're working or relaxing, your weekend is just what you want it to be!



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