Blue and White Monday

Carolyne Roehm

Welcome to my imaginary lazy day.  I'd love to have a real life lazy day, but it's not going to happen anytime soon.  Instead, I'm going to imagine the lovely, totally restful day I'd love to have.  First, when I wake up, I'm greeted with the pretty tray above.

Susan Palma

This is the bedroom in which I wake.

I then go here for more coffee and an extremely unhealthy breakfast that magically appears.

via New England Home

I'll get ready for the day in here.

Then head out here to read for awhile.

Alberto Pinto

This is where my lunch is served.

Susan Palma

After lunch, it's time for a nap in this sunroom.

Carolyne Roehm via Cote de Texas

Then, I'll go back outside to read some more.

Carolyne Roehm

I'll enjoy these beautiful peonies while dinner is prepared.

via Veranda

And here's where I'll dine.

What a sublime, relaxing day this would be!  Would any of you enjoy it as much as I?

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