Less or More and Art for Upstairs


This is a Cathy Kincaid bedroom via Decorpad done two ways.  Do you prefer the less or more version?

These are photos of upstairs at our house.  The top is my daughter's bedroom and the bottom is her "hangout" room.  Neither room is finished as I'm barely able to stand going up there with the mess that usually greets me.  Which makes me less motivated to continue work in these rooms.  I'm wondering why they need to be finished and look nice if they're going to stay messy.  I bet many of you can relate to these thoughts!

Over the last few months I've found the two paintings below that will look great up there.  

This is from Lauren McCrory.

Both of these will go in the "hangout" room and they'll add so much there.   First I have to take the time to get Jenny's framed.  I'll share them hung when they're up -- may be awhile!

Happy Weekend!



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