Blue and White Monday -- The Guest Room

Jackie Armour via The Glam Pad

Did you see my post last Wednesday about getting the guest room ready for company?  I created a list of items to have in the room for guests.  I knew I'd forget something.  I also knew you'd have thoughtful tips to share, so asked for suggestions.  I'm including an updated list at the end of the post with some of the suggestions I received from you.  

In keeping with the guest room theme, I've included beautiful bedrooms for Blue and White Monday.

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Charlotte Moss

Rachel Reider Interiors

Markham Roberts

Peter Marino

For the Guest Room:

*  A bench at the foot of the bed for luggage, or a    luggage rack

*  A travel size iron and ironing board

*  A travel size clothes steamer

* Both a local magazine and general interest magazines     

*  A carafe or bottled water

*  A memo pad and pen

*  A lamp on a nightstand

*  A bud vase with a pretty bloom

* A tray large enough to hold a carafe or bottled water, the bud vase, and the memo pad and pen

*  A power strip for charging phone, laptop, iPad, etc.

*  A card with wifi connection information

*  An alarm clock

*  An extra blanket or throw


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