Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage from House Beautiful

I was looking through my JULY/AUGUST 2011 issue of House Beautiful this week and came across an article I'd previously enjoyed on creating an outdoor room.  Frances Schultz, a contributing editor for HB, wrote a series of articles for the magazine on the makeover of her East Hampton cottage.  Many of you are probably familiar with Frances Schultz and Bee Cottage already, but if you've missed her and her magical cottage, you'll love being introduced.  All photos are from House Beautiful.  I've included only a sampling.  The before and after photos with Frances' commentary are a must see.  It's done in a series, and all seven parts can be accessed here.


Frances has a blog that's one of my favorites.  As you can see from these photos, she has exquisite taste.  What you'll quickly learn from reading her blog is that besides being a lovely lady, she's also a hoot!  Visit her here.

Happy Weekend!

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