Ready for Guests?

Susan Palma -- My favorite bedroom EVER

During the summer we're more likely to have guests staying at our house. To be prepared, I'm thinking about what I need to have ready. Obviously, nice linens should be on the bed and in the bath. Here are some of my thoughts.  

*  A bench at the foot of the bed for luggage, or a luggage rack

*  A travel size iron and ironing board

*  A travel size clothes steamer

*  Both a local magazine and general interest magazines

*  A carafe or bottled water

*  A memo pad and pen

*  A lamp on a nightstand

*  A bud vase with a pretty bloom

*  A nice scented candle

* A tray large enough to hold a carafe or bottled water, the bud         vase, and the memo pad and pen

Do you have suggestions?  And what of these rooms?  I'd be thrilled to stay in any of them.  They are some of my favorite bedrooms from my Bedrooms Pinterest Board.  To see more, go here.

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