Yea or Nay to Navy Walls?

I did a Yea or Nay post last Friday and I'm doing one again today.  In fact, it may just be a weekly series.  I loved hearing your very strong opinions last week.  Which, by the way, I'll discuss at the bottom.  So... do you have anything you just adore in photos, but you know you could never live with?  That's how I feel about navy walls.  While I'm crazy for each of the photos here, I know I'd intensely dislike living with dark paint in my house. Light and bright makes me feel the happiest.  I suppose that makes me a yea to navy walls  everywhere except my house.  Well, where are you? Yea or nay to navy on the walls?

Miles Redd

These are just so, so gorgeous.  Especially the ones with pink flowers. Maybe I should just give it a try.  It's only paint, right?

Okay, now to last week's Yea or Nay post.  I am a nay on color blocking books.  However, I fully respect everyone's right to arrange their bookshelves in any way they like.  The passion for books was so fun for me to see.  Thank you to everyone who shared their strong opinions and their book recommendations!

Happy Weekend!

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