Blue and White Monday with Susan Palma

If you've been following along with me, you know I love this bedroom.  I'm pretty obsessed with it, actually.  It's my favorite bedroom ever.  Dallas interior designer Susan Palma designed it, and I think it's masterful.  It's the perfect mix of pattern and scale.  I love that it's clean, tailored and restrained while still being feminine and fun.  So, can you imagine my excitement upon getting to meet Susan Palma for coffee Friday?  

She and I had commented back and forth some on Pinterest, so I knew already that I was going to like her.  I have to say that she is absolutely a delight!  I had the best time chatting with her and getting to know her.  

This is another room she designed that I'm crazy for and have featured more than once.  She told me that it's the sitting room of the bedroom in which I've been obsessed for years.  Oh. My.  I look at lots of pretty rooms. And lots of them are blue and white.  What I love about these is that they are gorgeous, but also have personality and a sense of fun.    

And here are our cell phone cases.  We thought it was funny that we have the same one and had to get a photo.

Susan is constantly needlepointing and brought me this beautiful jewelry case.  Wasn't that the loveliest thing to do?  Of course, I love it!

She has amazing Pinterest boards which you should see and follow. One of them shows other published rooms which you can see here. She's obviously the kind of designer who can achieve different looks beautifully.  You can tell looking through this board that she wants her clients to be happy in their homes and have their own styles reflected in their rooms.  I think that designers who can create beautiful interiors without relying on a signature look are very impressive.  Susan Palma is an incredibly talented designer and a lovely lady.  I'm thrilled I got to meet her last week, and will have to share more of her with you, soon!

And lastly, here are some blue and white Etsy finds.  I want lots of these for myself.  Especially the very expensive pair of dragon jars and the Kerry Steele art!

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