Chinoiserie at the Table

These images are from an interesting article on Veranda about the fantastical tables by Hutton Wilkinson.  Can you guess from these photos who his influence might be?

Did you guess Tony Duquette?  Go here to see more images from the article, and to read about Hutton Wilkinson's tables and entertaining philosophy.

Now.  I have to say that I knew you would create an amazing Gift Guide. I had this idea because my Mother's birthday is in the next couple of weeks and I always have the hardest time thinking of something for her. Thank you so much to those who have already joined and started pinning.  It already has so many incredible ideas and I know there'll be many, many more!

Susan pinned this

 and Sandy pinned these.

Holly found this

and Linda pinned this.

I have this lovely towel and added it.

I'll continue to feature finds.  For sources and more great gift ideas go to the board, here.


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