Mary McDonald on Property Envy

I love Mary McDonald's work.  And, I love her on Million Dollar Decorators. So, I had to record Property Envy to check that out, too.  For me, the show's worth watching to see what she wears. Below, I have some examples of her fantastic ensembles.  What I miss, though, is her sass. She's so nice on Property Envy.  Even about houses that are truly bad. And, I miss hearing it straight like I did on Million Dollar Decorators. She can be so funny when she says what's really on her mind.  Jeff Lewis, whom I also like, will tell it like it is most of the time. And, Brandy and I usually don't see eye to eye.

Have you seen Property Envy?  What are your thoughts?  If I'm honest, I have to say that I rarely see a house that is tasteful.  If I'm watching from an interior design perspective, it's more a show about what NOT to do.  I suppose I'm just watching for Mary : ).

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