My Wall Paint Color

I've received emails asking about the blue wall paint color I have all over the downstairs of our house.  It was custom blended five years ago, and the formula was on a paint can that I've just now located.  Well, my husband actually located it for me.  Finally. The photo above is our den. The color is on the ceiling, the backs of the bookcases, and through the doorway into the breakfast room.

Here it is in the dining room at a different time of day.  I really enjoy how the color changes depending on the light.  Sometimes I see lots of gray, and sometimes I see a hint of green.

Same room, same time of day, but not as close to the window.

In the kitchen,

and, in the breakfast room.  

Here's the formula.  I don't even want to know how many poster boards I went through arriving at this color.  I started with a designer, but we weren't on the same page.  She told me I couldn't have blue walls because it would look too juvenile.  I was determined to have blue walls, so I started working. I started with colors in my Benjamin Moore fan deck. Each attempt was one poster board and one quart of paint.  Yikes.  After getting nowhere I decided to wing it and try a custom color.  Eight to ten poster boards later, I found this, and was so happy.  If you're looking for a pale silvery blue, I recommend it.  I think all the gray makes it work a lot like a neutral.  I haven't found a color yet that I don't like with it.

Happy Weekend!  

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