Blue and White Monday + News

The photo above is from the former townhouse of Frances Schultz. She worked on it with the designer John Oetgen around 20 years ago.  When I visited her blog recently and saw the photos of her townhouse that were featured in Veranda, I recognized them immediately.  I loved that feature and kept that issue.  I remember being so fascinated by this photo and also the one of her bedroom. Go here to see more about the article.  

Below, I have more blue and white gorgeousness for you.

Gary McBournie via Quintessence

Liz Caan via Style Takes Heart

 Elle Decor via Quadrille

Marshall Watson via Quadrille

Palmer Weiss from Elle Decor March 2011 via Quadrille

Coastal Living December 2012 via Quadrille

If you're a blogger, chances are you've done a post that includes blue and white.  Blue and white fabric, wallpaper, porcelain, apparel, a party, etc.  I'd be absolutely thrilled if you'd link your post up on September 30th. And if you're a blogger and you don't have one, but you'd like to join us, just create one between now and then.  Or the day of works, too.  I thought it would be fun to share our blue and white posts here and have a Blue and White Bash.  Who knows -- maybe we could do it once a month on a Monday.  Sounds fun to me!

Lots of you may have never done a link up before.  It's actually very easy. Really, you just click and follow the directions.  There are 2 or 3 very easy steps to follow.  If you join me next Monday, I'd love for you to let your readers know you're here.  And if you have a blogging friend with a penchant for blue and white, let them know to be here, too!

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