Mary McDonald's Malachite || Get The Look

When I saw Mary McDonald wearing her stunning malachite jewelry on Bravo, I fell hard.  Along with a jillion others.  As a result, for a while, I've been wanting a malachite necklace that I can wear with various black pieces.  I like to be comfy in black pants and a black turtleneck, and just add a fun necklace.  I think malachite or green jewelry is so festive and pretty for holiday events, don't you?  I went to a place here in Dallas called Beading Dreams, and designed the necklace above.  They put it together for me, and I've already been wearing it. So, thank you, Mary!

Mary McDonald via Bravo

I'm loving my new necklace and thought I'd share some gorgeous green jewelry with you.  Elizabeth Showers is a Dallas jewelry designer, and I adore every single thing she creates.  And just in case my husband happens upon this post (not likely) a piece from Elizabeth Showers would always be a successful gift : )

And Margaret Elizabeth is another favorite.  She has lots of gorgeous green options that are priced very reasonably.  

Well, tell me what you think.  Are you drawn to green jewelry?  Is there anything here you particularly like?  Or, should I ask if there's anything here that you don't like?

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