One Room Challenge Week Four


Welcome to Week Four of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, go here, Week Two is here, and Week Three is here.  Linda, of My Crafty Home Life, created and organized the ORC, and I'm so happy to be participating.  The twenty bloggers seen above are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting progress every Wednesday.  The photo below is my breakfast room, and it's what I'm working on transforming.  

In Weeks One and Two, I explained all of the things I want to do in the room.  One of them is change out my prints.  The photo below shows what I had.  I love this series, but I also like a change now and then.  

A designer from Scott Snyder Inc. commissioned me to do a new series.  I posted about it here and you can see one of the photos from the Scott Snyder room below.  I absolutely loved the way the designer framed them and wanted to copy the idea in my breakfast room.

So, here's one wall with the new prints and matting.

And here's the other wall.

Here's one close up.  I'm so happy with the way they turned out.  I love the addition of the navy matte.

Now, on to less happy news.  I ordered a custom rug from and got it Monday.  I laid it out in my living room so that I could inspect it and it could flatten out after being rolled and shipped.  Can you spot the problem?

Notice the binding between the seam and the rug.  It was cut in such a sloppy way that in some places it's 1/16th of an inch, and some places it's almost 1/2 inch.  Below is a different corner.  It's wavy like this all the way around. 

I'll be in touch with about this, and I hope they fix it.  I'd love to show you new photos that show a more professionally made rug.  I'll update you to let you know how they handle the situation. 

I'll end on a positive note.  I found this planter for my store and for my breakfast room table.  It's a perfect centerpiece size and I adore the dragons.  Also, someone is coming tomorrow to pick up my chandelier and paint it for me.  I'm wanting to do a faux tortoise shell or bamboo finish, so it's not a DIY option for me.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Now, go see what these talented ladies have been up to during the past week!


Blue and White Monday


It's blue and white from the amazing Markham Roberts for you today.  For more of a visual treat  that you'll love, go here, to his site where you can peruse all of his portfolio.  Markham Roberts is considered one of the top designers of his generation and has been published in Town and Country, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Home and Garden, Domino, Elle Decor and The New York Times.

So gorgeous, right?  I love these rooms, and each one uses blue and white in a way that's beautiful.  So did you watch The Academy Awards last night?  Which gowns did you like?  And not like?  The unfortunate pointy seams on Anne Hathaway's dress didn't keep me from thinking it was lovely.  I like simple, elegant and feminine, so hers may have been my favorite.  Some of them looked harsh which I don't care for.  What are your thoughts?


One Room Challenge Week Three


Welcome to Week Three of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, go here and for Week Two go here to catch up.  I'm grateful to be included in the ORC.  Linda, of My Crafty Home Life, created and organized it, and I'm thrilled to be participating.  The twenty bloggers seen above are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting progress every Wednesday.  The photo below is my breakfast room, and it's what I'm working on transforming.  

First off today, I'll share my chair fabric situation.  Basically, I don't like it, and it looks terrible with everything in the adjacent family room.  With the fabric I'm using for drapery panels, I need a stripe on the chairs.  It's highly unlikely I'd ever find the colors I'm needing, so I'm creating it myself using Spoonflower.  

I ordered this color map from Spoonflower in heavy cotton twill hoping it would prevent color surprises.  It's helpful, but I still had a color that came out off.  I'll tweak the design and resubmit.  Hopefully, the second time will be the charm.  I don't have time for a third go round!

This is the digital image I made.

Here it is printed.  I think I like horizontal stripes for these chairs.  Thoughts?

This is the fabric I'm using for the window panels.  I'll do pinch pleat with a navy linen header.  I'm using this because I have it on two pillows in the family room and I want the rooms to flow well together.  Below you can see the family room pillows.

Here's the window fabric with the stripe I'll use on the chair.  Well, the pre-tweaked stripe.

This came down -- YAY!!

I found this at a local consignment store and thought it was perfect, so my husband installed it for me.  It's not perfect and has to come right down.  I love it, but it's much too dark.  When the lights aren't on it looks very dark brown and from a distance maybe even black.  That won't work here, so I've found someone who can paint it for me.  Below you can see the look I'm going for.

The drapery hardware is light, warm wood and I'll have the sisal rug which will be fairly light.  I believe in the rule of threes, and think a wood tone fixture works perfectly and can help keep the room from going too "cute."

Here's a photo of one of the rug samples I ordered from  I ordered this in a 7x7 square and am hoping to see it arrive in a couple of weeks.  That's about it this week.  Lots going on!

Now, go see what these busy ladies have been up to!


Blue and White Monday


Do you ever spot something fantastic that you haven't seen before on Pinterest only to find out it's been around a couple of months?  I'm wondering how in the world I could have missed this.  I followed the above pin to Desire to Inspire and found this post about this house by McGill Design Group.  Of course, I love all of the blue and white porcelain used, and the navy and white, but I'm also very interested in the pretty details like the ribbon bows on the pillows.

This room makes me feel good.  It's so light, bright and simple without being minimal.  Those flowers aren't hurting either.  Do you ever look at a photo like this and imagine it without the flowers?  I do, but my brain wants to add them back asap.  Rooms always are more appealing with pretty florals.

What do you think of antiqued mirror?  When it's done softly like this, I like it a lot.  It adds character and interest.  I don't care for harshly antiqued, however, where you see strong distressing and contrast.

I love the idea of putting lots of strong pink in the foyer in the way of upholstery.  I've been considering that in my own house and think it may have to happen.  I'm searching for the perfect settee.  

This kitchen looks like one in which I could spend lots of time.  Again, the flowers, cake and macaroons may be influencing me a bit, but I love all of the white cabinetry, the lamps (though I'm sure they'd be broken in a week at my house) the chairs, backsplash and ceiling. 

Christian Dior

How could I not share this with you?  It is absolutely beautiful.  If you had an event where you needed to be this formal, would you wear a dress with a Chinese porcelain motif?  If it were this dress, I'd do it in a heartbeat!


Wish I Were Here


via La Dolce Vita my imaginary sunroom.  It's dreary here in Dallas today, and I'm longing for some sunshine.  Not the oppressive summer kind we have here, but a beautiful, mild, sunny day would be delightful.  And I'd like one of these rooms to magically appear attached to the back of my house in which to enjoy it.  

House Beautiful

via The Zhush


Do you have a sunroom?  Which of the above would you enjoy most?  I'd be thrilled with any of these, but I'm just dying over the first one.  Wow.

Happy Weekend!


Happy Valentine's Day!

One Room Challenge Week Two


Welcome to Week Two of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, you can go here to catch up.  I'm so appreciative that Linda's included me in ORC.  She created and organized it, and I'm thrilled to be along for the ride.  A group of us are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting our progress every Wednesday.  The photo above is my breakfast room, and it's what I'm working on transforming.  
This is the first floor of our house.  Do you see how my breakfast room is between the two rooms I've previously redone for the last two One Room Challenges?  I want my house to have good flow and be cohesive, so that is something very important to me as I make decisions.  

My laundry room has a different feel than the family room.  I wanted it too be really casual and fun as laundry isn't my favorite.  But you can see that the colors are very similar.  I'm wanting the breakfast room to work well between these two rooms.  Many times people enter the house at the side entrance and walk by the laundry room, through the breakfast room, and into the family room.

House Beautiful

Anne Hepfer

I shared the above rooms last week as inspiration photos.  I like the rugs in each and think that something similar would work perfectly for my room.  If you look back at the floor plan, you'll see that when you take the walkway out of the equation, the room is a square.  Square sisal rugs are not readily available.  I did find an interesting source, however, that does custom sizes and the prices are pretty much in line with everyone else.  I'm not recommending this source yet.  I'm waiting for color samples and then I'll most likely place an order.  We'll see.  The below are the two samples I ordered.



These are samples for a wool/sisal blend.  I want a little softness.

Last week I mentioned that I will do something with the bare window and the bare floor.  I also shared that the ceiling fan and the chair upholstery will have to go.  I'd love something new on the walls.  One thing I forgot to include is the photo below.   This is the the wall opposite the window.  It's bare, too, and needs something happening.  I'm thinking of maybe doing a plate/platter display.

Last week I spent much of each day at my daughter's school helping with the Upper School Musical.  Basically, I lost a week of getting things done for this room.  Yikes!  I've got a lot of ground to cover and not much time!  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  I'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to visit each of the participants below for more adventures in One Room Challenging!



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