One Room Challenge Week Three

Welcome to Week Three of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, go here and for Week Two go here to catch up.  I'm grateful to be included in the ORC.  Linda, of My Crafty Home Life, created and organized it, and I'm thrilled to be participating.  The twenty bloggers seen above are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting progress every Wednesday.  The photo below is my breakfast room, and it's what I'm working on transforming.  

First off today, I'll share my chair fabric situation.  Basically, I don't like it, and it looks terrible with everything in the adjacent family room.  With the fabric I'm using for drapery panels, I need a stripe on the chairs.  It's highly unlikely I'd ever find the colors I'm needing, so I'm creating it myself using Spoonflower.  

I ordered this color map from Spoonflower in heavy cotton twill hoping it would prevent color surprises.  It's helpful, but I still had a color that came out off.  I'll tweak the design and resubmit.  Hopefully, the second time will be the charm.  I don't have time for a third go round!

This is the digital image I made.

Here it is printed.  I think I like horizontal stripes for these chairs.  Thoughts?

This is the fabric I'm using for the window panels.  I'll do pinch pleat with a navy linen header.  I'm using this because I have it on two pillows in the family room and I want the rooms to flow well together.  Below you can see the family room pillows.

Here's the window fabric with the stripe I'll use on the chair.  Well, the pre-tweaked stripe.

This came down -- YAY!!

I found this at a local consignment store and thought it was perfect, so my husband installed it for me.  It's not perfect and has to come right down.  I love it, but it's much too dark.  When the lights aren't on it looks very dark brown and from a distance maybe even black.  That won't work here, so I've found someone who can paint it for me.  Below you can see the look I'm going for.

The drapery hardware is light, warm wood and I'll have the sisal rug which will be fairly light.  I believe in the rule of threes, and think a wood tone fixture works perfectly and can help keep the room from going too "cute."

Here's a photo of one of the rug samples I ordered from  I ordered this in a 7x7 square and am hoping to see it arrive in a couple of weeks.  That's about it this week.  Lots going on!

Now, go see what these busy ladies have been up to!

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