Can You Believe It's Horchow?

I saw this room on Pinterest recently, and did a double take.  And not just because of the blue and white, though that's definitely helping.  I love the large scale patterned rug.  And that table! Love that.  While the chandelier isn't something I would typically choose, I really like it so much against the navy paint.  I liked the room enough to click through from Pinterest, and found myself at Horchow.  I like lots of things at Horchow, but I don't remember liking their styling as well as this.   To me, it's not obviously staging.  It looks like it could appear in a magazine.

The above are all items from the room.  Below are a couple of items I've shared before and still am liking.  Especially those throws.  During the winter everyone in my family reaches for a throw when we settle in for TV or a movie.  Do you use them as an accessory or warmth or both?  Both at my house.

All images via Horchow

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