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Were you here yesterday?  I had mentioned picking up the April issue of Traditional Home over the weekend.  I'd looked through some of it, and saw this.  I decided to save it for today as clearly this was going to be really good and I wanted to save the pink till last.  Well, I was more than just a bit excited to discover that it's Katie Rosenfeld's project.  Katie is one of the few designers I'm aware of that could come in and redesign my house while I'm away. I know I'd love every single inch.  On her blog,  she's been mentioning her "Pink Lady" client, and I've been curious. The article explains that Pink Lady, actually Katie Newsome, was inspired by the blog Chinoiserie Chic. Well, aren't we all?? This house is absolutely fantastic.  You have to have this issue and see it in its entirety.  It's all just so, so good.

So, here's my favorite bedroom of all time which was designed by Dallas interior designer, Susan Palma.  Sometime, I'm going to go back and count how many times I've posted this image on TPP. I'm imagining you all scrolling through saying, "YES, WE KNOW YOU LOVE THIS BEDROOM.  NOW, MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. But, you're too nice and understanding about interior design obsessions to do such a thing.  Besides, I bet you love it, too!

So, I was flipping through my April Traditional Home, and came to a screeching halt.  There, at the top left is THE BEDROOM. Apparently, Jane Scott Hodges has written a book, and had the elegant taste to include Susan's room.  I read and read this page trying to find some mention of Susan Palma, but never did.  Susan, if you're reading, do not be concerned.  I'm doing my part here at TPP to make certain that everyone knows this beautiful bedroom was created by you ; )

Coastal Tropical
Here's my newest board created for the Calling it Home/Polyvore Project Decorate contest.  I'm going to submit a new board/entry every day this week for two reasons.  One, it's just fun.  Two,
you get a chance to win $500 from One Kings Lane.  


Next week I'm collaborating with Polyvore/Project Decorate and two winners will each win a $500 gift card to Horchow. I hope you'll all join up and play along.  I'll be sharing some of my favorites here every day. I cannot even wait to see what you lovely, elegant, and creative people put together. I know it will amaze me!



The enchanted home said...

All beautiful..loved this months issue too it was so fresh and reminds me that spring cannot be far away! I look forward to your contest over at TPP I am about to announce the winner of mine, its a lot of fun and you are getting GOOD at those boards!!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

It's so fun to see blogger friends doing well. Yeah, for Beth's blog as the inspiration and yeah for your Polyvore feature. Thanks for mentioning my contest. I love your new board. I'm not tired of that bedroom, either.

Linda Pakravan said...

I love that bedroom too!

Beth Connolly said...

Thanks so much for the mention!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

So pretty...I'm going to have to pick up the April issue!

BRASWELL said...

got the issue + love her bedroom + good to you for mentioning her name.

Susan Palma said...

Jennifer , you are the best! Thank you so much for always being my biggest supporter and not getting sick of that room. Ha! I swear that I am going to ask my client if we can have a slumber party there one of these days! And thank you for being the only one who correctly labeled the correct designer and manufacters. I have seen that picture misrepresented all over the Internet , so thanks again! Get your new monogrammed blue & white jammies ready!

home before dark said...

Always lovely to see playing nice in action. As for Beth being inspiration for so many, it reminds me of my husband talking about the "coaching tree" in sports. And suddenly, as my wonky brain is likely to do, there was a fully-born on the head of Zeus moment: Beth at the top of the "tree" or in my vision, "leader of the pack" tricked out on a cycle and Prada leather with CC details and everyone else below her in the way they have found their way to CC used CC in their homes. The image kept me occupied and smiling all day. Always inspired when very intelligent and successful women tell the beige world, "You are not the boss of me!" Gotta' scoot. I'm still admiring my Greek key on my mantle!

Kim said...

Gorgeous Room and one I don't think anyone will tire of!!! Love your Polyvore board!!! xo

Katie R. said...

Hugs and Kisses from Boston.
Katie Rosenfeld

Rita Crane | craneconcept said...

Everything about this post makes me happy! Great Post!
xo Rita


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