Lantern Help, Please?

Alessandra Branca

I'm looking for a hanging lantern for our entry, and I'm not having any luck. These, above, are all Charles Edwards.  Any of them would thrill me, along with lots of others on their site which I've chosen not to share as many of the photos have unfortunate backgrounds.  

Here's my existing lantern.  I actually like the design, but the size is too small for the space. I'd love to replace it, but I have two dilemmas.   The first is size. This one is 16x10.  The ceiling is 8.5. My husband is 6.2. That means I can't use a lantern much taller than what I have. Maybe 18 inches would work.   I could definitely use more width. Our entry is 10x15, so what we have looks a bit lost. Finding a size that works isn't easy.

On to the second dilemma.  I will not be paying Charles Edwards prices, but Charles Edwards fixtures are what I like.  I'm sure many of you can relate to this dilemma, right?  So, while I want something exquisite, I won't pay $10,000 for it.  

illustration by Laura Row

Here's my house.  It could not be any more traditional, could it? Because of that, I need a classic fixture in the entry. I've already looked at Visual Comfort, Circa Lighting, Shades of Light, 1st Dibs, OKL, Etsy and eBay.   If any of you have any suggestions, please pass them along.  I could use some help!

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