Botanic Art: Old School vs. Photographic Art

One of the loveliest ways to cover your walls is with botanic art. Whether you choose "old school" prints, like the one below, or something still traditional, but completely fresh like this Sarah Hollander image above, you absolutely cannot go wrong.  For me, I'm going to choose the "photographic art" every time.  I love how they're traditional, but fresh and very interesting.  I call it photographic art because it starts with a beautiful photograph. Then Sarah digitally enhances the images to fit her artistic vision.  

Here are more of her amazing works.

Imagine how beautifully this would work as a horizontal image if it were rotated 90 degrees right?  Many of these are easily reformatted like that to work in different ways.  It's fun for me to imagine them used in different ways. The white ranunculus is another one that would be fantastic horizontal.

Sarah's breathtaking images are available here.

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