On Symmetry

Do you need symmetry in a room?  I do.  It's nothing huge, just a tiny "hmmmm, something's not quite working for me here" type of reaction if it's missing.  I don't have to have perfect symmetry. Just enough balance to not be distracted.  These first five images show what is for me, a high level of symmetry.  And, on this vignette above; how perfect is that?  You know how I love blue and white with pink flowers.  I've been sharing that obsession for years.

Isn't this the loveliest dining room?  It's Suellen Gregory's, and that unbelievably gorgeous lantern is from Coleen & Company.  

The next five photos use accessories in a less symmetrical way. With the exception of one, they all work for me.  They're beautifully styled, and the balance works without distracting me.

Jonathan Adler via Lonny

It's the image with the elephant console.  If that were in my house (which I'd love), I'd have to put a lamp or something on the other side of the table.  So, does this mean I'm OCD?  Because clearly it looks amazing as is.  Where do you fall on the need or lack of for symmetry?

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