Blue and white Monday with Crane and Canopy

I was invited by Crane and Canopy to take part in "Make Your Bed Week," and was happy for the opportunity.  I got to go to their site and choose some bedding.  I chose the Linden Monaco Blue Border for my daughter's room.  It's almost exactly like what she had already, so it was perfect.  Having just one duvet cover and set of shams can be inconvenient.  Our situation was that the original was over $300 for the duvet cover and shams.  With it all being white, we left it off the bed much of the time.  She's as careful as one could expect for a 16 year old, but things happen.  Below is one of the product images of what I ordered from the Crane and Canopy site.  

Crane and Canopy offers products of the same quality as more expensive retailers at a greatly reduced price point.  I was relieved thinking about this staying on the bed as opposed to what she had that was more than twice the price.  You can read about the way Crane and Company works and how they're able to offer quality merchandise at reduced prices here.

Upon opening the box that arrived in the mail, I found this lovely lavender sachet.

And here's the Crane and Canopy bedding on my daughter's bed. Isn't it fantastic?  

Since this is about "Make Your Bed Week,"  I'm sharing a video from Crane and Canopy showing how to make a bed.  Think you already know it all?  I watched and learned that I hadn't been folding the corners of the flat sheet under the mattress correctly. This video shows Karin, a co-founder of the company, demonstrating proper bed-making technique.  I want to be as happy as Karin while I make beds : )


Also a part of "Make Your Bed Week" is Julia Ryan, September 9th. Wednesday, check out Young House Love, and Thursday, be sure to go see A Thoughtful Place.

Thank you Crane and Canopy, for sponsoring this post and for the lovely bedding for my daughter's room!

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