Q & A with Eileen Power

I have Eileen Power here today, and I couldn't be happier.  Eileen lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is an artist I've admired for a long time. Having the opportunity to share her beautiful paintings here is quite a treat for me.  

 "Off the Square"
How and why did you first begin creating art?

I’ve always been a creator, but pushed my artistic inclinations aside to pursue a degree in business.  Not surprisingly, I found myself working as a business manager in a very creative industry!  While the corporate travel was interesting it didn’t allow time for my own creations.  I changed careers about ten years ago and have never looked back.

 "Mrs. D."

What influences your work most?

I’m greatly influenced by the work of artists who came before me.  No conversation about abstract art is complete without mentioning De Kooning.  His work is so recognizable.  But, I’ve been focusing on “lady painters” the past few years… Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler. 

"Eugenie Avenue"

How has social media affected the world of art, and beyond that, you specifically?

Social media puts varied and high quality work in front of viewers around the world instantly and on a daily basis.  It's a great platform.  Thanks to blogs such as TPP my work has been seen by discerning clients across the country who otherwise may never have heard of me.


How do you create your optimal environment for painting?

I'm a solitary painter and very particular about my environment. The lights and the music come on at the same time each morning. My playlist is as varied as my color palette. Lately, I've been listening to "Un Homme et une Femme" (soundtrack from A Man and a Woman), The Kings of Leon, and Yo-Yo Ma!

"Harbor Master"

 What item in your studio do you consider indispensable?

There is a particular palette knife I use for mixing paint.  It's like an extension of my hand. It's a simple and inexpensive tool, but I can hardly work if I misplace it.

What's your favorite museum?

I'd have to say MOMA is my favorite.  Each year I make at least one trip to NYC for the sole purpose of viewing contemporary art.

What priceless, well known piece of art would you most like to own?

There are so many choices, but since you've limited me to one... I'd say a da Vinci drawing... perhaps the "study for Saint Anne."  Da Vinci had the most exquisite hand and made beautiful drawn lines.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   

And, here's Eileen.  I can tell from her photo, her answers, and her paintings that she's a very lovely lady.  The list of Atlantans I want to meet continues to grow.  

Eileen Power's incredible work is available through Gregg Irby Gallery. Her website includes her portfolio (several pages of amazingly gorgeous paintings), which shouldn't be missed.

Thank you for allowing me to share you with my readers, Eileen!

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