Q & A with Liz Barber Leventhal

Liz Barber Leventhal's paintings fascinate and inspire.  While they're beautiful, they're also very interesting. I find myself wanting to study each one slowly and carefully.

Besides having the opportunity to share her incredible work, I also get to share about Liz.


How and why did you first begin creating art?

I have always been creating, drawing, or painting as long as I can remember. It was really a way of expressing myself. I could absorb my surroundings and translate it onto paper. I became really serious about painting in high school. I spent hours in front of still life arrangements tediously recreating life on the page. From this foundation, I was able to springboard into a journey of finding my own voice.

"Fall Leaves"

What influences your work most?

I grew up right on the ocean in coastal Massachusetts. The ocean has always been my biggest influence. I love the movement of waves. The crashing and the soothing power the ocean holds has a strong presence in my paintings.

"Light Through the Trees"

How has social media affected the world of art, and, beyond that, you specifically?

I think watching the live auctions at Sotheby's on Twitter has made it clear that social media's reach has found the art world. Individually, it has given me the ability to advertise, if you will, to a huge new market. Twitter and Instagram are truly worldwide. The exposure is like nothing else.  It's exponential.

 "Petal Study"

How do you create your optimal painting environment? If music is involved, please share a bit of your playlist.

I must have music to create.  Three songs that get a lot of play are "Here I Am" by Downhere, "Bend and Break" by Keane, and "Moment of Surrender" by U2. I must also have order in terms of my materials. If things are organized, my creative process moves very smoothly. 

 "Spring Rain"

What item in your studio do you consider indispensable?

My iPod.

"Fall Leaves"

What is your favorite museum?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is my favorite.  Moore College of Art, where I studied, was down the street and I would get so much inspiration there.

"Blue Petals"

What priceless, well-known piece of art would you most like to own?

Monet's "Water Lilies."  I would build a round room just for it ; )

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Do you see what I mean about the desire to study each piece?  Her website has a large slideshow with so many amazing images.  Who knows how long I spent gazing at it yesterday?  Liz's paintings are available on her site, and also at Pryor Fine Art.  And, stop by her Facebook page to see more.

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