Blue and White Monday


Instagram has far surpassed Pinterest in terms of being my favorite social media platform on which to see gorgeousness.  Especially now that my Pinterest feed is full of "Picked For You" pins that I don't care to see.  For now, at least, on Instagram I get to see what I want, and the images above and below are some of my recent favorites. I've left the account names on the images to both credit and provide you with new accounts to follow.

In this last image, you can see the elephant prints that Mari Robeson created for TPP. They're hanging on the wall in the fantastic and very happy house of Kristy Wicks from Wicks Nest.



Karena Albert said...

Jennifer, I see we love many of the same Instagram accounts!! It is so fun to see so much beauty in one place!!

The Arts by Karena

Lucy and Jenn said...

I know one platform will never last for long, but Pinterest does seem doomed lately. Unfortunately I had an Instagram post last week sponsored by Gatorade. Overt advertising never bodes well...

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I'm trying to post more on you thinking blogging is a thing in the past?

sharon smith said...

What a fun post. I would love to see you do this more often.
The House of Hampton

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Gorgeous post, Jennifer.

Mari said...

Wow! This is so gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for including me! I LOVE all the designers you shared...what an honor! Thank you so much Jennifer! All because of you and your brilliant ideas!!! xoxo

Christina Baker said...

So much talent in one place! I adore and follow several of these designers.



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