Bookshelves: One Room Challenge Week Two


You know that feeling when you have to have a new hairstyle right this minute?  That's how I'm feeling about the bookshelves in my family room. While there's nothing about them that's particularly bothering me, changes must happen soon. 

my family room

I'm linking up to Calling it Home's ORC Thursday event along with many others who will be transforming a room over six weeks.  It's Week Two, and I'm busy working on the bookshelves.  Books are very important at our house, but the last time I worked in this room I removed many of them from the bookcases.  I miss having them there, and will be adding some back.  Bookshelves are hard for me, and finding the right balance between books and objects is not my strong suit.  Help will be required.  




These gorgeous images are inspiring me, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of my friends books in this room again.  

Be sure to go here and here to see more room transformations in progress.

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