Blue and White + TPP in House Beautiful -- and Sale!


If you don't have the June issue of House Beautiful, you are missing out.  Every HB issue is incredible -- I always anticipate enjoying the next issue, but this month's HB is particularly full of loveliness.  In addition to all this beauty, I'm thrilled to share that one of my blue and white Chinese vase prints is featured in this issue.  

On a whim, I opened TPP five years ago.  I had created prints for our house, and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Wanting to continue the fun, I spontaneously set up The Pink Pagoda, and opened shop.  Never would I have guessed that one of my prints would end up in one of my all time very favorite interior design magazines. This exciting happenstance is cause for a celebratory sale, and details follow the post. First, though, you should take a look at a bit of what's in HB's June issue.  There's much, much more, and it's all fantastic.

 design by Mary Douglas Drysdale via HB

 design by Mary Douglas Drysdale via HB

 design by Gideon Mendelson via HB

via HB

Bunny Williams and John Rosselli via HB

Bunny Williams and John Rosselli via HB

Incredible, right?  This is only a fraction of the gorgeousness, though.  To see it all, purchase the June House Beautiful magazine available in stores now, or the digital copy available here.

To receive 20% off of anything here, use the code JUNE201520OFF at checkout.  The sale applies only to my Etsy shop.  This discount code is active until midnight, June 8th.

To see the series that includes the blue and white vase print House Beautiful featured, go here.



Raina Cox said...

Go, you! That's so AWESOME. I picked up a copy at the grocery today, just to support you. It's improved so much since Miz Sophine Donelsen took over.

Simply LKJ said...

Congratulations! Definitely need to pick up this issue.

Beemie said...

I have my copy can't wait to read.

Laurel Bern said...

Holy crap! That's wonderful! Hearty Congrats! Looks like a gorgeous issue! Love every image.

designchic said...

YAY, Jennifer. I am so excited for you - that's amazing!! We love your prints!! Happy June ~

Clayton Gray Home said...

That is so awesome! Congrats!!

Lucy and Jenn said...

Congrats! Being featured in a national publication is an amazing accomplishment!

home before dark said...

I think this is perfect! Congratulations.

Prettypracticalhome said...

My copy arrived the other day and I agree that it's a wonderful issue. How very exciting for your print to be featured! Congratulations!

Stephen Andrew said...

This was one of my favorite HBs in a long time! And I was so excited when I saw your print! My first thought was "oooh I need to tell her!" But then I realized you probably already knew :) congratulations!


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