EAST-WEST Original Art Event Wednesday Through Friday


Wizzie Broach and I have teamed up to offer more than 40 amazingly gorgeous, original paintings. They'll be available at TPP Wednesday morning through Friday evening.

Enter to win $100 off anything offered in the Instagram Giveaway here.  Below, I'm sharing some of the pieces available.

 framed watercolors by Christina Baker

 painting by Reagan Geschardt

 painting by Reagan Geschardt

 painting by Danny Geschardt

 painting by Danny Geschardt

 painting by Amanda Leffel

painting by Janie Pinney

painting by Alexis Walter

 painting by Alexis Walter

 painting by Kerri Rosenthal

painting by Lucy Williams

Beautiful right?  And, there'll be many more to see tomorrow here! The talented artists whose lovely work will be featured are:



therelishedroost said...

I love art and this is fabulous! As I have been taking lessons from Maureen Chatfield I really have a new respect for Abstract! Its not as easy as everyone thinks! Great post!

Karena Albert said...

Jennifer a really fabulous collection of artists and paintings!! A very exciting exhibit and sale!

The Arts by Karena
Jackson Pollock

Price Style & Design said...

Wonderful concept -- and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

Yelda | Decor Envy said...

Great post. Love the art shown!


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