Blue and White But Mostly Blue Apparel and Accessories (who is designing for me?)

Are you a dress person?  So many of my friends have shared that they find themselves wearing dresses and skirts less frequently and instead are choosing pants.  I'm definitely wearing pants more often than I used to, but I do still love a great skirt or a pretty dress. Many designers have incorporated blue and white into their creations in the past several years.  The dresses above are Dolce & Gabbana.  The colors are gorgeous, aren't they? The one on the left is my favorite.  The middle dress goes a little Sound of Music for me, and the one on the right has me wondering how the wearer is able to sit down in public.

These D&G handbags are fantastic.  Blue and white Portuguese tiles are always beautiful, and they translate very well to dresses and accessories.  

Who is designing apparel for me?  If you know, please share.  I'm a tall lady with a senior in high school.  I mention my daughter to convey an idea of my age because I'm certainly not going to be specific.  Have I mentioned I'm from the south?  : ) I mention my height because it's sometimes an issue with skirts and dresses. While I think these Tory Burch dresses are adorable -- especially the one on the right -- they're very clearly not for me or my demographic.  Had Tory added at least 4-5 more inches in length, I would have loved these options for summer.

Shirtdresses are a huge favorite for me.  The one on the left, by Theory, is a dress I'd want to wear all of the time if it were a bit longer.  While I'm featuring blue dresses today, I had to include this example.  Why is no one making this for women my age? Everyone I know would buy one in every color available if it existed in a longer length.  The dress on the right is DVF, and I love everything about it.  Except, that I personally need it in knee length which doesn't exist.

Aren't these pretty?  The length makes them marketable to a much wider audience.  This Shoshanna dress is adorable, and, oh my, how I love the Armani.

While I was looking around at dresses in blue, I happened across these two, above and below, by Carolina Herrera.  Her ultra-chic interpretation of classic always grabs my attention.  She's definitely one of my very favorite designers.

I haven't posted about apparel in quite a while, and it was fun to change things up just a bit.  My interest in interiors carries over into all aspects of design.  It's all fun and interesting for me, and hopefully for you as well : ). 

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