Blue and White Wallpaper


 Melanie Turner via Atlanta Homes

I'm conflicted about wallpaper.  In photos, I absolutely love it.  I feel the same when I see it in other people's houses.  For my own house, though, I seem to only want to use it in the powder room.  If I were to give it more of a try, I'd want to use a blue and white paper. Also, I think my bedroom might be best suited for this experiment. What about you?  Do you have any/many wallpapered rooms?

 Melanie Turner

 Cathy Kincaid

 Libby Langdon

 Nicholas Haslam

 Bruce Budd


 House Beautiful

 Nicholas Haslam

"The Vase" wallpaper by David Hicks is amazing in this gorgeous blue and white laundry room created by Bear Hill Interiors.
Bear Hill Interiors

Paper in a laundry room is fantastic and also isn't too much of a commitment.  Where don't I love "The Vase" paper by David Hicks?



Splendid Market said...

Each room is so crisp yet tranquil. I love the bed rooms especially. That laundry room is beyond!! #NV

Vel Criste said...

In love with that Libby London room the most! Love Philip Jeffries!

LilyOake said...
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LilyOake said...

I love wallpaper and base my entire room's decor around the papers I hang in each room. All my rooms are blue & white, but I decorate in a very pale Swedish Gustavian blue so the wallpaper I design and decorate with is far less obvious and dominating then the more vivid blues you posted here! However, I LOVE the rooms you posted and have pinned pretty much all of them at one point or another because they re so well done.
I think wallpaper gives a room so much personality and I wish more people were less afraid of color and pattern.

Vickie H. said...

That David Hicks paper in the laundry room is wonderful....makes me want to dip my toe in....because, otherwise, I am like you: I like it in photos and in other people's homes but have done away with it in my own home. Might be time to re-think that.....

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