Q & A with Dallas Artist Ann Jackson

I'm happy to be able to share Ann Jackson, a talented Dallas artist, with you today.  I learned of Ann through my next door neighbor who has a great eye for all things related to interior and exterior design.  Ann happens to live just a few streets south of me, so it was fun to learn about a new to me artist and neighbor. We recently met at a neighborhood coffee shop where I had the pleasure of getting to know her and hearing about her  gorgeous work.

Tropical Pool

How/why did you first begin creating art?

I became interested in art at a young age and later pursued art in college, graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a BFA in Studio Art.  Upon graduating, I worked several years as a graphic designer and later as an art and preschool teacher. A few years ago, I began selling my art. While incredibly humbling, it gives me great joy, putting my art into the world.

 Sea Salt

What influences your work most?

Im influenced by travel, the rugged Texas landscape, and colors in nature and interiors.

How has social media affected the world of art and beyond that, you specifically?

I think social media is a great platform for artists to self promote. Personally, it provides me with the opportunity to share my passion for art, whether its something happening in my studio or something I find inspiring. On Instagram, theres a great artist community, Ive been able to make connections and reconnect with old friends.


How do you create your optimal environment for painting? Do you use music?  

Thankfully my studio is at home in our back house. Im close to my family, but still able to find quiet moments in my studio. Listening to music is an important component.

 Sweet Thing

What item in your studio do you consider indispensable? 

I guess I would say the materials I use. I paint in oils (Gamblin is my favorite brand). Abstract paintings are painted on Belgian linen and the reactions of the washes of paint are important to my process. My computer is also valuable tool, as Im am currently creating a wallpaper line based off of my abstract paintings.

 Tranquil Coral I

What is your favorite museum?

The MoMA and The Frick Collection.

What priceless, well-known piece of art would you most like to own?

Monets Water Lilies, because of the movement, texture, layers, colors, and pure scale.  In person, its stunning!

 Deep in the Heart of Texas

I See Two Birds

Ann Jackson Wallpaper "Orchid Setting"

Ann has placed an image of one of her soon to be available wallpaper selections into a photo of her living room.  The selections have been created from her abstract paintings, and I cannot wait to see them all.  Both the paper and the living room are lovely.

A big thank you to Ann Jackson for sharing about herself and her incredible work!  See more of what she has available on her site, and follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest news.

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