One Room Challenge Week Two


Thank you for checking on my One Room Challenge!  It's Week Two, and we've made some decisions.  We still have a few more, and are down to the wire on too many important aspects of this space.  I'm starting to feel a little nervous about making it all happen.  Did I mention my daughter's a senior in high school, and we're in crunch time with college apps?  While The One Room Challenge is a huge undertaking of time, thought, and effort, it's child's play compared to the college application process.  Thank goodness my friend, Jane, whose entry I'm redoing for the ORC, is super easy to work with.  She has a great sense of color and knows exactly what she likes.  But still.  ORC plus college apps might have been a bit ambitious.

Here's Jane's entrance hall.  It's a fantastic space already.  Jane is looking for a more casual, fresh, updated look.  Farrow and Ball's All White is going to go a long way toward Jane's goal.  The rooms below are gorgeous examples of the paint color we're using.  The painting should have been finished by now.  The painter, who left the country, was supposed to be back a week ago, and we've not heard from him.  Yikes.

Louise Brooks via Dering Hall

Brooks and Falotico

I believe Jane has made a choice on what will replace her entry fixture.  It hasn't been ordered, so this may change.  Can you guess which of these she's chosen?

The most exciting piece of news thus far is that this brilliantly talented artist is painting what will be the focal point of the room.  Jane is beyond thrilled, and I am, too!  I absolutely cannot wait to see it hanging.  More on that, next week.

Go check out the progress in these spaces:



Ivy Lane said...

Ohh.. this is going to be so pretty! I like #4 and #5 for that entry hall. Can't wait to see the transformation. I have added all the participants to my blog roll! It is going to be so fun to see all the spaces! The inspiration you all give is amazing!



Tiina said...

me too, I'm beyond thrilled!! xo, Tiina

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Love the direction of the lighting and artwork! I vote for #5, but all would work beautifully.

Congrats to your daughter too! Busy times!


Christine Dovey said...

All white is going to look so beautiful in the space and I can't wait to see the custom artwork!

Rachel Bauer said...

I like options #1 and #4 and I love the paint color. It's going to be beautiful!

rajnialexdesign said...

Maybe #4 or #5? Anyway, they'd all look stunning! Can't wait to see

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I have nightmares that we will never finish the college application process. It will be like the movie Groundhog Day. Back to Jane....I think any of the lanterns will be great. I do prefer a darker colored one. Fingers crossed for the return of the painter.

Emily, our house now a home said...

This is such a beautiful space to begin with, I am excited to see it brightened up. All of those lights are stunning but I think I am partial to #5. I like the shape and color of it. I am so excited to see how this all transforms!

Karena Albert said...

Jennifer I really love # 5 that is probably what I would choose. It is just so fun to follow along with everyone's designs!!

The Arts by Karena
Palm Beach Chic!


UM....of course I love the white walls......and the Darlana chandelier is the same one I have in my foyer so it all works for me!

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