Blue and White with The Pink Clutch


When Paige, from The Pink Clutch, asked me to provide the art to hang over her blue lacquered credenza for her recent One Room Challenge, I was excited.  She described her plan, and I immediately knew what I wanted to create for her.  I've been fascinated by antique Chinese textiles for years.  Particularly, imperial dragon robes.  Using them as inspiration for a large giclee is a project I've been dying to start, but haven't had the time. Paige's fantastic plan motivated me to finally get busy.  I've never attempted anything even close to this large or detailed, and it took months to complete.  My daughter drew the dragon which is obviously the best part of the scene.  Paige referred to "him," but my daughter tells me this dragon is female, and her name is Delphine.  

Have you ever seen a happier space?  Paige is from Florida, and she doesn't shy away from color.  The blue and white mixed with yellow, pink and red is amazing, and lots of fun. 

I knew when I heard that Paige would be in the next ORC that she'd do something fantastic.  I'm thrilled and grateful that she provided me with the perfect incentive to complete this project I've been contemplating for so long. That she's used my prints in all of her ORC projects is so very supportive and flattering.

I love that my new dragon print can work with varied styles and colors.  With a heavier, more masculine frame it takes on a completely different look.  It's now available at TPP, and I'll be adding size options.  It was created at 60 inches tall which would be quite a statement, wouldn't it?  Paige's is 46.25 tall, and at that size, it's plenty commanding.  Go here to see all of her gorgeous project!



jana bek design said...

Delphine the dragon is absolutely fantastic! You and your daughter are so talented! A perfect fit for Paige's beautiful design!

Vel Criste said...

Looks stunning Jennifer! And perfect for that room!

home before dark said...

Delphine~is that you? Love this story!

Karena Albert said...

Jennifer how fabulous, it is perfect for the room !!

The Arts by Karena

Lucy and Jenn said...

So impressed!! The room turned out great and your art definitely pops in a room that is full of so much visual candy :)

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I'm in love with this! I want to see it up close. I love that V. created Delphine! I'm so very impressed. I love the scale too...Congratulations!

Andrea said...

So beautiful, Jennifer!!!

The Glam Pad

Pink Camellias said...

Love Delphine the Dragon! It is gorgeous!

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