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It's good to be back on TPP.  I've been MIA, as my daughter, a senior in high school, is going through the college application process.  If you haven't done this, but expect to someday, prepare yourself.  I'd almost classify the process as a full time job.  Certainly, it's left little time for me to be here.  I've missed it!  

I've asked my daughter to create a gift guide.  It will be very helpful for me, and if you have any girls this age on your holiday gift list, I hope it will help you, too.

Christmas and holiday gift ideas for girls in their late teen through early twenties.

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Hello, TPP readers.  I'm glad my mother asked me to to do another girl gift guide post.  I did one for her a couple of years ago, and it was fun.  Wow, my taste has changed since then!  I hope this gives you some fun ideas.  Have a very happy Holiday Season!

1)  Minimal, pretty, and works with anything.  I'd love to have this staple necklace.  Every girl I know would wear it.

2)  This bracelet is amazing, but it's not happening at my house TBH.  Maybe, if I were a couple of years older and more careful with my accessories.  But a girl can dream, right?

3)  You can't have too many cute socks.  I'm so into grays right now, and these from Madewell are perfect and reasonably priced.  

4)  I have to have this eye color set from Urban Decay.  A few of my friends have it and the palette is gorgeous and looks great on everyone.

5)  The Beats Pill is a bluetooth speaker that any girl who likes music would be thrilled to have.  

6)  Amongst girls my age, a Longchamp bag is the thing right now.  Lots of girls have theirs in cute colors with a monogram.  For me, I'd skip the monogram and choose a neutral option.

7)  Awwww, these little elephant earrings are the cutest!

8)  We all love a good pair of boots, and these are my favorite right now.  You can't go wrong with Frye.  They're great quality, gorgeous, and so much more reasonably priced than so many other brands.

9)  I have this sweater in ivory and gray, and highly recommend.  I'd actually love one in every color available.

10)  Madewell is a favorite of girls my age.  Their jewelry works so well for everything we're wearing.  This necklace could be thrown on with everything I wear.

11)  This lense kit would be so much fun!  I'd love to be able to take better pics for Instagram and Snapchat with my phone.

12)  Obviously, not for girls with a "more is more" attitude.  For me, this nail polish set is perfect.

13)  Girls my age all need a key chain/ring/fob.  I'd love this one.  I think it's a great stocking stuffer (hint, hint).

14)  Possibly the most fun gift I've ever received.  I got a Glossybox subscription for my birthday last year, and it's run out.  Another one would be so exciting! (More on Glossybox below.)

15)  We all need a brush set, and this one is antibacterial.  

Back to Glossybox.  This is possibly my most highly recommended gift idea.  It's a subscription, so it's actually like 6 gifts (six month subscription) or 12 gifts (12 month subscription).  I LOVED getting these boxes, and was so excited when a new one arrived.  I took these pics of one I received awhile back.  

Each box comes with an insert describing the products included.  I've found some of my favorite products through Glossybox.

I hope I've been able to give you some good ideas -- happy shopping!

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