Blue and White Monday with Lee Ann Thornton, Jenn Feldman, Kelley Proxmire and Ann Wolf

The three photos above are Jenn Feldman Designs.

The three above show the work of Lee Ann Thornton.

Kelley Proxmire designed the three rooms above.

The two above are rooms designed by Ann Wolf.

I hope you had a restful weekend.  School is starting for my daughter this week, so things are very busy here.  I think school starts later elsewhere, which would be delightful.  We so enjoy the lack of structure in summer.  School and extra-curricular get quite hectic these days.  It's much more so than when I was growing up.

Last Monday I shared that I'd love to get to go back in time and select my china with what I know now.  I featured different beautiful china patterns, and you voted for your favorite.  The results are below.

Mottahedeh, Blue Dragon

Mottahedeh, Blue Canton

Royal Crown Derby, Blue Aves

These three tied for first.  You all have lovely taste!  I was excited to see that the Royal Crown Derby was chosen.  It's one of my patterns.  The Blue Canton is what I want to start collecting, although I also adore the Blue Dragon.  I enjoyed hearing from you about this.  It sounds like I'm not alone in rethinking those important choices!

Happy Monday!

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