Enjoying My House

The One Room Challenge is over, and this weekend I'm just going to enjoy my house.

Linda, from Calling it Home, is largely responsible for the level of enjoyment I'll have.  I realize that sounds like an exaggeration, but without her having included me in the past three ORCs, I believe nothing in my house would have changed a bit.  And, I'm so glad it has.  The floor plan below shows where I park and walk into my house.  I walk through the side door past the laundry room which was my first ORC.  Then I walk through the breakfast room that I just finished which was my third ORC.  The next room I walk into is the family room which was the second ORC.  So, three adjacent rooms all finished because of Linda's One Room Challenge.  I so very hugely much appreciate being included!

Final Week post here

Final Week post here

Final Week post here

And I want to say thank you to Linda for using porcelain from my store and providing me with this BEAUTIFUL customer photo!  This is from her absolutely amazing One Room Challenge which you can see here.

*  Addendum:

Sarah, a reader, requested that I source the specific items Linda used in this photo, so here they are.  

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