One Room Challenge Week Six (Last Week)

Welcome to the final week of The One Room Challenge.  I'm so grateful that Linda, of Calling it Home, created this challenge and included me.  It's been lots of fun, and a great motivation for getting something done in our family room.  It hadn't ever had much thought or time put into its decor, so it's great to have some updating.  If you'd like to go through the progression, here are weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Here it is now.  What makes this entire wall is Kerry Steele's painting.  She painted it for this room and was fantastic to work with.  Read more about it here.  I also am thrilled with the drapery.  The lovely lady who made the panels for me had quite a time with the fabric.  It stretched.  And stretched more.  During all of the never-seen-anything-like-it-before stretching, she stayed calm and patient. She redid them three times, and was just as nice as she could be about it.  She was determined that they were the correct length.  Dallas people, contact me for her name and number.  I will very happily share.

Do you see the cute little brass elephant?  Jennifer, from one of my very favorite Etsy shops, Virginia Haskins, found that for me.  I contacted her and let her know that I was looking a brass elephant for my bookcases, and she found this within one day for me.  Visit her store here for beautiful antique and vintage treasures for your home.

I did the silhouette of my daughter on the third shelf, and the watercolor on the second shelf is from Spun Sugar Paperie.

I created all of the art in this bookcase except for the abstract on the bottom shelf.  It's Amanda Collis.

The two prints on the third shelf are mine.  The abstract on the second shelf is Shelly Porter, and the photograph on the bottom shelf is from House Four.  

Did you notice the antique and vintage tins on the shelves?  They had been in a box that had never been unpacked after our move (3+ years ago).  I'd given my daughter the job of photographing them so that they could be sold.  I thought managing an Etsy store and selling the tins would be a good summer job for her.  I think she wasn't very disappointed when I realized they'd work wonderfully as free accessories for the shelves.

A very talented friend, who has an amazing stationery company, helped me style the bookcases. They were a bit intimidating for me, and I appreciate her help with them so much.  I'm looking forward to sharing her products and website with you soon.

I mentioned in a post recently that this room still has some work left to do.  As I make progress, I'll share, so please keep visiting.  Thank you so much for following along with my One Room Challenge.  I've loved hearing your thoughts and suggestions, and have appreciated your letting me share this fun project with you!

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