One Room Challenge Linking Opportunity

Linda's One Room Challenge is the reason three rooms in my house are finished.  Doing rooms along with other bloggers was so much fun, and having finished rooms is quite a nice benefit.  The next One Room Challenge starts Wednesday, October 2nd which is so exciting.  What's also very exciting is that Thursday, October 3rd on Calling it Home there will be a linking One Room Challenge for everyone who'd like to participate.  It will be every Thursday for 6 weeks and you can read about all the particulars and get your ORC button here.  

I'm hoping you'll all link up.  I can barely stand waiting to see all of your befores and afters.  Of course, I'm going to have to post about the linking participants and my Pinterest is going to be very busy. 

Here's an easy guide to show you what the posting schedule looks like. And please know that its open to interpretation.

Week One:  Show your before photos, tell your plan, and show some inspiration pics.

Week Two:  Link to Week One, very briefly tell what you're doing and show some progress/a project/link to a source/a DIY.  Not all of these things please so that you won't be an annoying overachiever.

Week Three:  see Week Two

Week Four:  see Week Two

Week Five:  see Week Two

Week Six:  Astound us with your after photos and take us through the process.  Any fail/goof//blunder/problem you experienced should be shared to make me feel better about myself.

Please share this linking opportunity with all of your blogging friends!  The more the merrier!

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