Spring 2014 One Room Challenge Week One

Linda, of Calling It Home, created and organized The One Room Challenge, and I so much appreciate being included. The objective is to finish one room in 6 weeks.  If you're new to The Pink Pagoda, thank you very much for visiting today.  I'm happy you're here!  

The room I'll be doing is my 16-year-old daughter's "hangout room." I redid her bedroom for the last ORC, and so now this room, which is adjacent, needs to be brought up to speed.  Working in my daughter's "territory" isn't the easiest for me.  She gets to make lots of choices, and her aesthetic and mine aren't exactly the same (as she's 16 and such).

The following photos show the room as is.  Clearly, it's bare bones.  

Ugh.  These cords have to go.

These mirrors are functional for dance practice and working out, and some molding or finish out of some sort would be nice.

The trunk from years of summer camp is the only color on this side of the room.  Unless you count the DVDs.

This neglected window seat has possibilities.

Did you notice the TV?  And the IKEA sofa?  Those two items are all that are necessary according to my daughter.  She hasn't cared one bit about redesigning this space.  Even though it no longer has anything whatsoever to do with her bedroom.  The two rooms are separated by a short hallway, and need to have some sort of flow. The following five photos show the bedroom. The hangout room will need to resemble it somewhat.

Lastly, the three photos below are inspiration images.


My daughter wants the walls to remain white.  She loves the vibrant color on the white in this image.

Emily Henderson

This image captures the casual vibe my daughter likes.

Caitlin Wilson

So very much to do in so little time.  Oh -- and are you aware that you can join in this fun?  I hope you'll be back next Wednesday to see our progress. Now, please go see what these busy, talented ladies are doing for their One Room Challenge!

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