2014 Fall One Room Challenge || Week Four

Thank you for visiting my Week Four of the One Room Challenge! To catch up on what the ORC is, and my first three weeks, go here. I'm redesigning my entrance hall, and above is a close up from the rug I found for the space.

I adore Persian rugs.  Of all of the different types of Persians, my favorite are Kerman rugs (also spelled Kirman).  The colors and patterns used in Kermans are lovely.  The one above is in my living room, and is 12x17.5.  What I needed for the entry was 5x8.  I learned an interesting lesson about shopping for Persian rugs.  I found out that there's a different level of motivation to help one find a size similar to my living room rug than one the size of my entry. I ended up finding exactly what I needed on eBay, THANK GOODNESS.  I can't imagine one I'd like better, and the size is as though it was made for this spot. And, eBay prices are usually better than in the rug showrooms around here.  I think I held my breath until it arrived and I saw that it looked just like the photos and was in great condition.  WHEW.  It went straight to Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.  (for the Dallas/Fort Worth readers), which I like very much.

Here's a view of it all,

And here's a view that shows how perfectly it fits the space.

Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, told me about RUGPADUSA. She'd gotten a rug pad from there and had been very happy with it, so I tried out this one.  You can see it in my image above.  It has two different sides.  The bottom side grips the floor perfectly, and the top side holds the rug in place.  I received it yesterday, and so far, I'm very pleased.  The rug hasn't moved a bit, and it's in a spot with plenty of traffic.  

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Here are the three empty frames leaning against the wall where they'll be hung.  From one end to the other, they take up 72 inches. Basically, these paintings will be the largest most visible element in the room.  I knew right away that I wanted Christina Baker to paint these panels.  I absolutely love the feeling her paintings convey.  I also knew that she'd interpret the colors I'd need beautifully, and she absolutely did.  I've seen photos, and I cannot even believe I'm going to have such a breathtaking wall.  In fact, I'm supposed to receive them today!  CAN NOT WAIT to see them in person.

This process is so interesting for everyone that I asked Christina to answer a few questions:

1. In looking through your portfolio, you seem to have some favorite palettes.  Was the one you used for this project a departure from the colors you typically use?  Was it a palette you felt comfortable using?

This color palette was slightly different for me and I highly enjoyed working with it. I was able to work with primarily pinks instead of corals with additional hints of blues instead of teals.

2.  Do you create the composition in a sketch before you start, or is it more of an intuitive process in which you just jump in and start painting?

I've never done a sketch before hand as I prefer to just dive in and paint intuitively. I usually have an idea in mind, though when painting abstracts it constantly changes. Each new additional layer, shape, and color dictates the next move. I'm generally able to capture a basic idea knowing there will always be unplanned elements and happy accidents.

3.  How was working on a commission for the One Room Challenge different from a typical commission project?

The main difference was the inclusive interaction and communication that transpired over the past few weeks. We seemed to always be on the same page as if we could read one another's thoughts and would celebrate each additional idea. It was obvious to me very early on there was a deeper passion behind your design. I really got a sense that this entire project was inspired for the sole purpose of creating a beautiful room for living. 

Here's a close-up of Christina working on one of the panels.  She shared with me how she creates custom color for her work, and it's fascinating.  I asked her if she'd share more information about that on her blog, and she was so lovely to put together some interesting and helpful information along with more incredible images.  Go here to see her post.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

This is the paint color Railings from Farrow and Ball.  It's the color that my Coleen & Company custom designed pagoda lantern will be.  It was so very hard to decide on a color.  I finally decided I couldn't go wrong with black. The contrast against the white walls will be crisp and striking.  However, I wanted a soft black or a very dark gray that would read black.  Coleen suggested Railings, and I thought it would be the perfect choice.  It'll have gold leaf trim, which will work beautifully with the frames in the entry. Below is Coleen's fantastic Tole Tent Lantern in black.  My lantern will be very different, and a bit lighter in color, but this gives you an idea. 

There will be more on the lantern next week.  Coleen will be sharing some interesting "behind the scenes" information with us. Also, Coleen sent me a photo of the lantern on Saturday, and I'm still jumping around the house with joy and excitement.  It really couldn't be more perfect for me or for the space.  What a talented lady -- I can't wait to hear more about her and this process!  Oh, and guess what else is supposed to arrive at my house today? Yes! The lantern!  Can you imagine the excitement level over here?

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Laura Row, who has painted some amazing blue and white watercolors for The Pink Pagoda, has created these peony watercolors for the base of my stairs.  These are 16x20, so they have quite an impact.  I so much like how graphic and bold they are.  I'm loving how they're beautiful florals, but also more interesting than a traditional botanical.  And, the color!  In person, it's even better!  I can't help but have that peony bud be my very favorite part of both.  

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Dallas readers, pay attention here.  This is information you'll want to write down and keep in a safe place.  Shawn Burgess, of whom you can read about here, installed this either antique or vintage wall sconce last week on the wall by the settee.  It turned out to be more complicated than was expected, but Shawn was up for the job.  I was so impressed, that I hired him to come install the Coleen and Company lantern.  That will happen Friday morning.  Saturday morning, I have someone coming to hang all of the art. Can you guess where I'll spend the rest of the weekend?

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